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Paducah Tai Chi
What Is Tai Chi &
Mind -Body Arts

Tai Chi and Mind Body Arts are
expansive in application. Relaxation,
concentration, self healing, performance
enhancement, intuitive awareness,
emotional calming, spiritual development,
and self-defense are just some of  the
most popular benefits of unifying the
mind and the body as a whole. The
popularity surge of arts like Tai Chi,
Yoga, Meditation, and Martial Arts, is a
direct indicator that people are becoming
more satisfied with their lives as they
reconnect and identify themselves as a
"whole person". No longer seeing the
mind, body, and spirit as independent of
each other.
Practitioners of all ages, physical abilities, and cultural backgrounds have adopted Mind Body
Arts as their primary tools for creating a healthy and balanced mindset and lifestyle.

Tai Chi is a moving meditation and Chinese Yoga. It is even sometimes referred to as an
internal martial art. Internal martial arts are designed to engage the 'inner opponent'. Tai Chi is
distinguished apart from most martial arts because of it's core philosophy of relaxation. For
this reason, Tai Chi makes itself available to virtually everyone. The most popular aspect of Tai
Chi is the moving meditation form. It generally looks like a graceful calisthenic, or a series of
martial arts moves. It is done at a slow and relaxed pace.
"As you grow more relaxed, you become less
afraid. As you become less afraid you grow more
  - Professor Cheng Man Ch'ing
& Mind-Body Arts
Yoga Asana (yoga poses) is slightly more physical in the beginning stages of practice, but
ultimately is to become a relaxed meditation as well. Our yoga concentrates on alignment in
order to allow the body to open properly. Strength becomes a skill as we also learn to use our
muscular bodies as a complete unit
Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is the ultimate system of self defense. It is a martial art that was
developed by a small man who could not use athleticism to defeat larger and stronger
opponents. It is founded on the idea that technique, leverage, and timing are the top
attributes one should teach the body and mind to use in almost any situation.